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Man Up is a 15 week program that helps identify, expose and understand core root issues of why men experience dysfunctions. It ultimately exists to provide men the platform to OPEN UP, not harden up, in order to heal, restore themselves, and become stable in their situations.

​We have over 300 Man Up groups operating in every main city/town in New Zealand, as well as groups running internationally in Australia and Cambodia.

When a man joins Man Up, they join a brotherhood who guides and supports them through the 15 weeks and beyond, with incredible results - evidenced by countless restored families.


Behind every breakdown in society is a broken family. Behind many broken families is a broken, dysfunctional man. Man Up has recognised that if we heal the man, we can heal our society, as "what walks in the fathers, runs in the children."


Dysfunctional men are the root cause of many challenges we see in society today; whether it's violence, anger, neglect or addiction to drugs, alcohol or pornography, men become unable to function well as partners, husbands and fathers because of these dysfunctions. Some dysfunctions were learnt from an early age, and others due to experiencing negative circumstances in life.


If a man is the problem, then a man is also the SOLUTION to restoring the family, and the community.

In Aotearoa, New Zealand, we record some of the highest statistics in crime, suicide, and prison inmates per capita amongst first world countries. Our prison population is increasing each year, requiring the government to spend more and more taxpayer money housing, incarcerating and rehabilitating dysfunctional men.

Our aim is to restore men to their true identity and become better fathers, husbands, spouses, business owners, employees and contributors to our society. Through Man Up, men make positive decisions to remain drug-free, alcohol-free, smoke-free, make a firm commitment to their partners and families, and become positive role-models by taking responsibility.

Read the real stories of how Man Up is changing these statistics here.

Man Up director

Caine Warren is the International Director of Man Up. He is one of the visionaries and engines behind the scenes. Caine is a proud father of 3 and grandfather of 1, and is happily married to Jamie. Caine and his family live in Auckland, New Zealand.

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